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11 Smart Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Play With Scale

“Most people think, ‘Oh my God, it’s going to take up most of the space, and then the room is going to seem small,'” designer Kelly Delrose says of her Hamptons bedroom. “Take the converse of that: If you put something big in there, everybody walks in and immediately sees this big bed and says, ‘Oh wow, this space is really big.’ Your eye plays tricks on you. Trust me it totally works.” Ralph Lauren’s RLX Bed in black anodized aluminum and carbon fiber CF1 chair in black leather give the master bedroom a sleek, modern look.

Create a Jewel Box

In David Kaihoi’s 64-square-foot bedroom in Manhattan. he covered the walls in an eye-catching, hand-painted 18th-century Chinese wallpaper found at auction. “The idea was to create a jewel-box effect in the bedroom, with pattern to distract your senses from the tight quarters,” he says. “I papered the wall in the spirit of a collage trying to make the most of a beautiful old thing. Call it a new take on a traditional application.”

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Conceal With Curtains

In Bill Brockschmidt’s 640-square-foot Manhattan apartment, the master bedroom’s curtains conceal bedside tables and a large storage area behind the bed.

Go Dramatic

Peter Dunham gave his tiny bedroom in his 550-square-foot Los Angeles apartment a sense of drama and scale by upholstering the walls in Bukhara from his fabric line. “I have a very imposing bed that gave my poky room style, a sense of scale, and the big pattern on the walls gave it a sense of depth,” he says. “I feel like I’m living big in a small space.”

Choose Space-Saving Furniture

“These nesting tables are great for the small master bedroom,” designer Krista Ewart says of the space in a California beach bungalow. “Pull the little one out at night, push it back in when you’re not using it.”

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You can do a lot with just a little space. By Sarah Yang

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