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12 Best Alarm Clocks That’ll Actually Get You Out of Bed

Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

Best for a Gradually Peaceful Wakeup

Not only does this sleek Sony alarm clock project the time on your wall or ceiling, which swivels up to 180 degrees, but now you can fall asleep or wake up to five different peaceful nature sounds. We particularly love how the alarm starts with a subtle, gradual sound at low volume and then increases to a reasonable higher level to help get you right out of bed.

Life Assistant Technologies Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock

Best for Basically Have a Friend Wake You Up

Who doesn’t love an alarm clock that verbally lets you know it’s time to get up and start your day? Step aside, Siri, because “Reminder Rosie” is where it’s at. You can easily record up to 25 different alarm-reminders at 6 seconds each. So why not wake up to a recording of your kids saying, “Good morning, Mom!”? (Or maybe you don’t want that.) We love how you can turn off the alarm by quickly pressing a button or just saying out loud, “Reminder Off.” #TechnologyRules

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A La Magic Night Light Alarm Clock

Best for a Light Show

Experience a colorful, sleep-ending spectrum of colors with this alarm clock’s visually stimulating variety of 256 colors. And, once you’ve had enough, just slap it. This unit is built to withstand up to 22 pounds of pressure. So you can feel free to keep on slapping it until you’re ready to go see your anger-management counselor.

Lego Star Wars Figure Clock

Rise and shine, rebel. This Stormtrooper comes to you, bringing news of a peace proposal with the empire. See those bright numbers displayed brilliantly on its LCD screen? That means it’s time to go. Adjustable arms point toward the door, beckoning for you to make haste. But before you head off to save the galaxy, you might want to turn your Lego alarm clock off first. Plus, if you’re a Darth Vader fan, you can get this alarm clock with him, too !

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Cloud Shaped Alarm Clock System

Best for its Shakable Snooze

Cute. Small. Affordable. A desirable trifecta that comprises this visually “punny” alarm clock which helps you gently come down from cloud nine by triggering its soft (but effective) 90-decibel wake-up call. Just shake the cloud to conveniently trigger the snooze.

Pyramid Shaped Digital Alarm Clock

Best for Determining How to Dress

The best part of this pyramid-shaped clock is its up-to-date thermometer that tells you the outdoor temperature, so you know exactly how to dress for the day. Similar to the Ala Magic, this alarm clock is also known for its colorful display. This unit flashes up to seven different colors, and the pyramid shape is particularly fun to display on your desk or dresser.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock

Best for Saving the Universe

Get woken up to the soft blue glow of the hour (and the Doctor Who logo). Time to hop into this bedside TARDIS and save the world — or just go to work. Regardless of what you have going on, this TARDIS-styled alarm clock will awake the Whovian in you.

Gun Alarm Clock

Best for Improving Aim

There’s a secret agent in all of us — this helpful alarm clock helps keep your skills razor-sharp. Once it turns on, the only way to turn it off is to grab the included gun, aim it at the target (placed just above the unit), pull the trigger, and score a bull’s-eye. What sound you wake up to completely depends on you. You can even record your favorite song and use it as your alarm (although over time it may not be your favorite song anymore).

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