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14 Steps to Take Your Bedroom to the Next Level

STEP 7:Choose or revamp a dresser
L ook for a dresser that complements your bed but is not identical in style. If you have the space, get a long, low dresser; it will provide lots of display space and it won’t tower over the bed.

I f you move frequently, consider a tallboy style. since it will fit into more spaces. If you plan to revamp an existing dresser. look at potential paint colours and finishes, and choose new hardware, if desired. Mark a calendar date for working on your project.

STEP 8:Add lighting
For bedside lamps you can’t go wrong with a matched pair. If floor space is tight, look into sconces – plug-in sconces with cord covers are a good solution for renters. Bedside lamps are essential, but a room really needs at least three light sources to feel well lit. Add a pendant light overhead or wind fairy lights over the top of a canopy or four-poster for extra glow. Overhead lights in the bedroom should be on dimmers; bedside lamps should have dimmers or three-way bulbs.

STEP 9:Roll out new rugs
There are basically two ways to go with rugs in the bedroom: a room-size rug or a bedside one. If you have lovely floors and just want a soft place to land when you step out of bed, a runner, sheepskin or small area rug on either side of the bed is what you need.

If you want to cover more of the floor, go for a really big rug – we’re talking big enough to extend a metre or more on each side of the bed. At the largest you want a rug that lies within 30cm of the walls on all sides.

If you choose a large rug, you can still layer small bedside rugs on top. Kilims are great over natural-fibre rugs, and sheepskins (real or fake) can work with any colour or pattern.

STEP 11:Layer on the bedding
Start with a bed skirt, then layer on sheets and a blanket, tucked in together. Lay a quilt across the bed and pile on the pillows. The ones you sleep on can go in the back, Euro-size pillows in front and any throw pillows in front of those. Finish everything off with a throw at the foot of the bed.

STEP12: Add a seating area
It’s best to wait until this point before tackling the seating area, so you know for sure what you want to fill any empty corners. What sort of seating you’ll have will depend greatly on the size and shape of your room, so let that be your guide.

Have extra space at the foot of the bed? Place a small sofa there, with a coffee table in front. Have a free corner? Try filling it with a comfy armchair and a reading lamp. Just a smidgen of wall space left? Use it to house a dressing table or writing desk.

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