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20 Best Selling Room Dividers Extremely Useful For Your Home

A room divider is a screen or piece of furniture placed in a way that divides a room into separate areas. The folding room screens were found in China in the 7th century where they were mainly used by royalty. They were very heavy and ornate, and were not moved around. Now, we use them to divide rooms, creating a more efficient use of the space within the room, as decorators or accent pieces to add character to room space or to hide areas of different usage. Room dividers differ in nature being either: permanent as in using wine shelves in restaurants, built in as in sliding partitions in offices, portable or temporary as for example in convention centers. They may completely obscure as in floor to ceiling dividers, or may allow sight through as for example when plant pots are used to divide areas.

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Houses, and other residences, use a room divider to divide the space more effectively or as a decorating focus point. View more room dividers here .

Room dividers are used by interior designers and architects as means to divide space into separate distinct areas.

Plants, shelves or railings might also be used as dividers. Portable room dividers have folded wall panels supported on wheels.

There are a number of different types of room dividers such as cubicle partitions, pipe and drape screens, shoji screens, and walls. Room dividers can be made from many materials, including wood, fabric, plexiglass, framed cotton canvas, pleated fabric or mirrors.

There are many uses for a room divider including: dividing the room, adding privacy to any space, hiding clutter and increasing storage and accents to the room. Other uses include adding color, redirecting foot traffic, creating a foyer, adding a desk front modesty screen, creating coziness, or adding a decorative background.


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