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31 Teen Room Decor Ideas for Girls

Looking for some awesome DIY room decor ideas for teen girls? Do you want to decorate, redecorate, reinvent, and revamp your room so it reflects your personality and style? Want to make your room cooler with more creative colors, fun crafts and impressive art work you made yourself? Start with these cool pompom rugs, fun DIY lighting projects, awesome pillows and crafty arts and crafts ideas for teens.

These room decor ideas for girls are some of the best of Pinterest -you can DIY these in no time, and they are cheap and inexpensive, too. From modern to fun to rustic looks, here are some of the most awesome room decor ideas for teens, tweens and teenagers. Check out these 31 best creative ideas you can choose from to decorate your bedroom!

1. DIY Pom Pom Rug

Teen bedroom decor

How would you feel if you are greeted by a huge, puffy rug when you open your room door? Ahhh! HOME!

2. DIY Magnetic Hexagon Planter

Teen bedroom decor

If you love mother nature, then learn how you can incorporate that love into your room with this tutorial!

3. DIY Floral And Wire Words

Teen bedroom decor

Yes, we strongly encourage you to BE YOU and be reminded of that everyday by this floral wall art!

4. DIY Fabric Wall Art

Teen bedroom decor

A fabric wall art and an intricate monogram is a bomb!

5. DIY Geometric Wall Clock

Teen bedroom decor

Neat, simple and beautiful. If you are these 3 words, then this geometric clock is definitely one that you should have too!

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