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5 Things to Consider Before You Choose White Slipcovered Sofas

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I know many people love white slipcovered sofas. And I know there are just as many skeptics. Could white slipcovers really be as easy to take care of of some people say they are? Just throw them in the wash and they are good as new? What about if you have kids? Or dogs? Or husbands? Or eat on your couch?

Today I m going just going to tell you what I have experienced with white slipcovered sofas. I ve had mine for quite a few years, so I ll offer you five things to consider.

Bedroom furntiure

5 Things to Consider about a White Slipcovered Sofa:

1. White slipcovers will turn blue if people with newer dark jeans sit on them.

I have several white pieces of furniture at my house, my parents have them at our beach house and have had a white coverlet on my bed for like a decade so I am all for the love for white, but it is just a fact. Newer dark jeans, which a lot of people wear, make white fabric kind of blue even after only one time sitting on it. The blue usually comes out in the wash, though, thankfully! Right now every white piece of furniture in my house is kind of blue. If you are OK with that, proceed on to consideration #2. If you aren t OK with that, and anyone you know wears dark jeans, white slipcovers will drive you crazy.

2. Guests might feel uneasy and uncomfortable with white furniture.

Just telling you the truth, some people when they come over don t even want to sit down on my white furniture! Especially if they have kids. We have people over A LOT and I assure them it is fine and that I don t worry about it because I really don t, but some people still look for a less WHITE place to sit! Which is nearly impossible at my house. If I sense someone is worried (especially if they have kids) I usually run and grab a quilt to throw over the seat so they feel more comfortable.

That kind of makes me feel bad, I don t want people to be uncomfortable at my house or flopping down on my sofa. We like to open our home to people. If you will feel terrible if your guests ask to sit on the floor instead of your couch, you might want to think twice about white. If you think you can deal with it, move on to consideration #3.

Bedroom furntiure

3. You will not feel like washing slipcovers as much as you might need to.

Yes, everyone says that slipcovers can be washed and bleached so they are cleaner than most sofas would ever be. This is true. But if you really use a white sofa or chair every day, especially if you have children or pets that you allow to sit on your furniture, VISIBLE things get on it almost every day. Hair. Pen marks. Shoe scuffs. Dirt. Lunch. Snot. Spaghetti Sauce. Newsprint. Dog paws. Who Knows What. I have to pick long brown hairs off my sofa before company comes. White slipcovers are not maintenance free and you don t always have time to wash them before a party, once you notice how bad they look the company might already be on their way.

With a patterned slipcover or colored upholstered piece, you can go a long time before you feel like you have to clean it. With the white, it will get the same dirt and grime as any furniture, but you will see it right away which is good if you are going to keep up with it and not so good if you don t want the hassle. And I ve heard that over bleaching can cause yellow stains on some fabrics, which can be a problem on white sofas too. If you are up for regular care or can handle a less than pristine white fabric in between washings, proceed with white slipcovers! But, you still might want to consider #4.

4. If you want to actually sit on your furniture, you might want to find creative solutions.

Our homes need to be a place where we feel comfortable and can flop down on a couch without worry of messing it up. So, to be real and honest, even though white slipcovers look lovely in a photo, in real life I keep a washable quilt or blanket on the slipcovered sofa we use most. Because even though you can wash slipcovers, I am lazy and don t want to have to unzip and stuff cushions back in every two days. And, I love my dark jeans. I don t want to have to shout at my son when he is eating jelly toast nor do I want to ban my kids from our furniture.

I don t want to be maniac mom because I have white girlie furniture and a nine year old boy.

Bedroom furntiure

I can wash a quilt really easily, plus I can whip it off when I want to take a photo to fake you all out that I have perfect white sofas and chairs and a nine year old boy in the same house. HA! Yes, it is a little crazy that I take the extra care necessary to have white slipcovers. But, before you think I am crazy, you have to consider #5.

Bedroom furntiure

5. What kind of person are you?

With anything, if you love it enough, you don t care if it requires an extra measure of TLC or sacrifice. I had wood counters in my last house that I treated like my baby every day, wiping them down, using coasters and kissing them to sleep each night. I adored them. They were not nearly as difficult to care for as people might have thought, but they were a bit more effort than most people are willing to deal with. I actually enjoyed how beautiful they were, so caring for them was a pleasure. That is just how I am though, I am fine with imperfections AND I love caring for beautiful things. A match made in heaven for white slipcovers.

Bonus point #6:

Here is a key point for me though, I think it is great to have pretty things, even WHITE FURNITURE AND WOOD COUNTERS! as long as I don t let them interfere or become more important than the people who need to be able to live around them and feel comfortable. If you sense that any of these things would be an issue for you in your own personal situation or home, it is 100% OK to not go with a white slipcover.

To be honest (again), even though I love them, the more I see them popping up in blogland the more I start thinking about going back to a brown tweed! Just to be unique I m kind of a rebel at heart. He heh heeh.

The important thing is you are making an informed choice based on what works for you and your family, not just based on all the pretty pictures you see. All white rooms and furniture are lovely in pictures, but may not be livable or feel right to you in your own home.

We all have different lifestyles and live in different climates! White is not the solution for every family. Go with what feels right to you!

Bedroom furntiure

Disclaimer: This is just my own experience (remember, I live in the rainy NW where we have lots of water and mud, this is not a sandy warm beach town!) and my observations from my perspective. Results will vary at your home.

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