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70 Cool Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

rustic attic bedroom that features amazing forest view

We already showed you several cool attic bedrooms but this is the time to show you more. An attic bedroom is usually associated with romance because it s perfect to get some privacy. It usually looks quite appealing even though some people think that attic space is unusable.

Turning your attic into a bedroom is a great idea especially for small houses. The space there is usually at a premium. Besides, attic bedroom can be an especially useful addition for growing families. Although designing such room might be challenging. We ve gathered the most beautiful and dreamy attic bedroom designs and tips that might help you with the task.

Here are those things you should consider when creating a bedroom of your dreams:

  1. Turn ceiling into something beautiful. For example, you could whitewash it.
  2. Think about the lighting. Usually, there isn t much sunlight in attic bedrooms so think about using light colors. Besides, clever use of light fixtures is also very important.
  3. Use knee walls cleverly. These low walls are perfect to put some storage furniture there.
  4. Use dormer or skylight windows. Placing the bed facing away from the window is a common practice.
  5. Use available textures. If there is a brick wall don t hide it. It could become a great decorating element like many other things in an attic bedroom.

Below you will find lots of ideas showing how to design a perfect attic bedroom.

gorgeous and moody attic bedroom decorated with lots of rustic elements

all white bedroom beneath the vaulted ceiling

attic bedroom combined with a bathroom

attic bedroom design with whitewashed brick wall

cozy and spacious attic bedroom in rustic style

cozy little attic bedroom suitable for a teenager

Cozy small attic bedroom

dreamy attic bedrrom with clever lights

dreamy loft room design

farmhouse-style attic bedroom

loft bedroom design with lots of creative accesories

minimalist attic bedroom design with super large windows

modern scandinavian inspired attic bedroom design

natural attic bedrrom decor

rustic bohemian attic bedrrom design

smart small attic bedroom design with black ceiling

stylish attic bedroom design with lots of book storage

stylish loft bedroom design full of creative ideas

white attic bedroom with a touch of yellow and a brick wall

exposed wooden beams are one of those things that make attic space so cool

bright colors are perfect for an attic bedroom

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