A Fast – Simple Doorbell For Your Bedroom #bedroom #dresser

#bedroom doorbell


A Fast Simple Doorbell For Your Bedroom

This is my first instructable and I am sorry about my lack of REAL pictures.

I was inspired to make a doorbell for my bedroom just for fun and now I am posting it on instructables for the world to see.

Hope you like it. D

To make it you need:
1 tweezers
1 push button momentary switch
1 motor, super-bright LED, OR buzzer
1 2 AA battery clip
a sheet of paper preferably thick
exacto knife
a soldering iron w/ solder
duct tape
1 lego plate or some other surface with large bumps

Step 1: Making the box

If you are going to make a doorbell you might as well make it look relitively nice.

I made a paper box (3 cm x 3cm x 3cm) and put a hole in the front (for the button) and one in the back (for the wires). To make the box I got a template for a cube (basicly 6 squares in a cross shape) and put my holes in and Put the momentary switch in its respective hole. next I soldered two peices of wire to the momentary switch, folded, and glued. Duct tape will work too. Using tweezers feed the wires through their respective hole.

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