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A Mobile First Website Designer and PHP Developer in Dallas, TX

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website!

Throughout the history of website design. the methodologies, software and technology used to build websites have changed drastically. As a result of new technology innovation and latest mobile trends and statistics. a new website design methodology is being used to build the next generation websites. It is called Mobile First and I encourage you to explore my Mobile First Tutorial so that you can understand the detail analysis that is needed to implement this type of website design. THE RESULTS ARE AMAZING!

Why should you use my services?

Encourage you to view a 6 Minute video that quickly explains and illustrates the benefits and features of a Mobile First website design.

Having over 30 years of IT executive and technical experience, I know how to provide EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

If you are a local business owner or a Non-Profit organization and are in need of a website redesign but do not have a big budget, give me a call. Since I am semi retired, we can try to work something out!

I have had a personal website since 1999 that has been redesigned 4 times.

I only develop websites using a Mobile First design strategy!

All of my website designs take advantage of the latest Mobile Design features such as:

Email Forms that verify a valid visitor’s email address domain name to cut down on SPAM emails.

Linking your business address to Google’s Voice Activated Driving Directions.

REAL TIME EMAIL AND SMS SERVER ALERTS when suspicious activity and or malicious intent is detected from a website visitor.

The Mobile First Menu Navigation User Interface (UI) that I use has the following features:

It uses an AMBIDEXTROUS Mobile Navigation User Interface (UI). The Menu can be displayed on the LEFT or RIGHT side of the Smartphone screen by changing the website settings.

When holding the Smartphone with ONE HAND. it provides optimal THUMB ZONE ACCESS to both the LEFT and RIGHT hand THUMB FINGER.

The CSS3 Only Full Screen Overlay Menu uses the minimum amount space on the screen, does not impact the readability of the web page and, allows the web page content to use the full height of the screen.

The Menu button is TRANSPARENT and SCROLLABLE making it easily recognizable and allows visitors to explore other web pages in your website without additional scrolling.

This MENU interface delivers a consistent Navigation User Interface (UI) ACROSS ALL DEVICES.

I DO NOT USE any Content Management System (CMS) software such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.

Take advantage of my FREE service to AUDIT your website!

If you found this information helpful, please consider adding this page to your Home Screen.

Call me at 972-372-4237 or, send me an email with your existing or new website design project! My initial consultation is FREE and I can address any concerns, issues, and questions that you may have. Feel free to also follow me on Twitter.

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