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Bedding for Girls The Latest Ideas

September 26, 2014

Bedding for girls whether she is a little girl or teenager will be little bit complicated not like boy’s bedroom. Girls need their own privacy as if it is their need to be “alone” in their room even they are still kid. Besides, many parents also train them to be independent from their early stage by making their own bedroom.

The main part of bedroom, absolutely, is bed. Bed is not only a matter for sleeping but it must create a comfortable feeling for the one who uses it. For kids, especially for girl, we cannot decide the bedding as we like and don’t try to be an ignorant. The style of bedding for girls should accommodate their need and character.

We also need to decide the bedding for girls by category, for example, her age, her characteristic, and the size. The age is affecting the bedding style.

If she is above 12 years old, the bedding style will be different. The style is usually more feminine with color combinations. No more cartoon character on her bed. Try to accommodate their needs so that they will feel comfortable with her bedroom.

Ask her before doing anything. Let her express her imagination for her own bedroom. For the bed size, the proper size is not too small or too big. Look for a medium size. Big size will be difficult for her to make up her bed and smaller size will make her not comfortable.

Regarding the bedding combinations, we have various options like basic patterns, polka dots, stripes or mixing between them. For example, we can combine a basic color for the comforter and floral motif of the bed skirt or a solid color of bed skirt combined with stripes pillows. Try any different combination by letting her to share her ideas.

For older girls, they have different style and taste as they are more mature. Try misty pillows in hot pink combined with orange and turquoise or alternatively to get a retro look, combine a large flower of comforter with orange and bright green.

Finally, there are no certain methods to design bedding for girls as it is totally about – again – her needs and taste. Take her to the store and let her fly with her imagination.

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