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bedroom chests and dressers

Bedroom chests is a choice that rarely thought by people with limited space problem. Using good chest or bedroom actually can make your bedroom space become wider since you can replace cabinet, dresser, or even vanity with it. You need to combine this furniture with a bed with storage capability thus you would only need bedroom and his chest to contain every fabric and tools you store in your bedroom.

The application of the chest would be different based on your room space appearance and your bed position. Storage method for your bed should be the one with sliding or lifted lid. Such design is helpful since you don’t have to provide space for your storage drawer. The idea of chest storage should be the same thus you can have lots of spaces for decoration or other furniture.

Chests Position in a Bedroom

Chest design should match the bed appearance. It is necessary to make the chest and your bed looks like one piece of furniture. Choosing lid design makes placing your bed against the wall or using your chest as your headboard become possible. You will have enough room to enjoy view from your window or place a sofa into your bedroom. Chest and bed is an essential bedroom furniture.

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