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Re-invent your bedroom cupboards by ‘Doing it yourself’ with one of our bedroom designs. There can be so many different uses for Built In Cupboards. They are often a very practical and worthwhile investment in any home. Built in cupboards in your bedroom space do not have to be boring, there are a few tips and tricks we can share to help you maximise your style and your storage.

We suggest the following elements to maximise your Ucan DIY Built-in Bedroom Cupboards:

  • Use any one of the new standard sized BIC’s. Either leave off 1 or 2 doors of the unit. This enables you to place all the messy looking items behind closed doors and showcase the special ones.
  • If you re able to keep this space tidy, then remove some of the cupboard doors to open it up and create a strong decor signature. You re then able to showcase all of your beautiful clothing and incorporate them into the overall design of your bedroom.
  • To organise the clutter we recommend placing some Wicker Baskets on the shelves for maximum storage as well as placing a space saver on the base of your storage space. This allows you to store items that can be compartmentalised. Doing this will enhance the flow of your bedrooms design.
  • Add a Top box for floor to ceiling cupboards.
  • Should you require more hanging space for trousers, place a wardrobe hanger below the top rail clothes to utilize the wasted space below.

To accessorise your space, use long barrel handles or small knob handles dependent on what suits the remaining theme of your bedroom. Your handles may be a small detail in the larger scheme of things but making your BIC a focal point in your bedrooms design requires careful consideration of accessories.

Bedroom designs require the best fitted bedroom cupboards to complete the look. You can do it yourself with our DIY friendly bedroom cupboards.

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