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Bedroom Wardrobe Home Design Photos

Work in a wardrobe – As long as everything is kept as neat and tidy as possible, I’m sure your guests won’t mind sharing a room with all of those out-of-season and special-occasion clothes you simply can’t fit into your main wardrobe. Make sure you have regular sort-outs of your growing collection of shoes, shirts, suits, coats and skirts and donate to charity all of those items you haven’t worn for years.

C. Kairouz Architects

Be room aware – While storage is highly important, if the wardrobe is part of a bedroom. the bedroom is the priority. An oversized monolithic wardrobe can ruin a bedroom resulting in early demolition because the bedroom feels too cramped. A way of avoiding this problem is illustrated in this photo. By creating a dressing table in the middle of the wardrobe space, the walls of wardrobe don’t close in the room.

These wardrobes are bespoke designed and made. they are hand painted and have oak veneered interiors. Inglish Design have a showroom in Harrogate North Yorkshire.

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