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Frequently Asked Questions about Bedroom Wardrobes.

Bedroom wardrobes

In your delivery will be the following

  • Made to measure doors complete with bottom runners and top guides pre fitted.
  • Tracks, top and bottom for your doors to fit in to
  • Full fitting instructions
  • Our customer care help line, just in case!
  • If you ordered interiors, end panels or liners these will be included too

Do you have a showroom?

No we don’t any more, the running costs of a showroom outweighed the benefits, and with out this we can offer you really competitive online prices.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Over the phone by debit or credit card, call us on 01904 500066

How do I measure?

What if my wardrobe doors are not running wall to wall?

If you wardrobe sliding doors aren’t going wall to wall, you will need 1 or 2 end panels. These are fixed at a right angle to the back wall to make a side to the wardrobe.

What are liners?

Wall liners are a length of MFC measuring 100m x 18mm x 2620mm (see what Pete’s carrying in the picture above,) available in a range of colours, they are fitted to the walls to provide a neat frame for the wardrobe to close against. They are not absolutely necessary, but do finish it off nicely.

You can either cut out the skirting board and fit them to the floor, or fit on top of the skirting board.

A floor liner is exactly the same but used to provide a solid base for the tracks to fit to. You don’t need to use them if you are fitting to a hard floor surface or a short pile carpet.

Are Wardrobe Sliding Doors Easy to Fit?

If you can handle a tape measure, spirit level, saw and screwdriver you can fit these wardrobe sliding doors. Most of our customers do fit the doors themselves. If you have any difficulty ask some-one you know who’s good at DIY. Follow our How to build a wardrobe guide.

How Long Do they take to be Delivered?

Our bedroom wardrobes take around 3 weeks to deliver, although please allow up to 28 days. For more details go to our wardrobe sliding doors delivery page.

I can’t find what I want, can I get a Quote?

Do I have to Fit them Myself?

Most people do fit our wardrobe sliding doors themselves, but you could get a joiner, or any competent DIYer to fit them for you. We have partnered with the UK’s number 1 trade directory to provide you with a great choice of sliding wardrobe fitters in your area.

Can you supply interiors for my sliding wardrobe too?

We can supply a complete range of fitted bedroom wardrobe interiors including shelving, hanging rails, baskets and drawers, to go with your bedroom wardrobes.

What’s the Maximum width of your wardrobes?

The maximum width is 5000m, as this is the the longest length the top and bottom tracks are available in. However you can go wider than this by joining the tracks, or building 2 wardrobes together using an end panel.

How Far do Does the Wardrobe Protrude into the Room?

That depends how far you want it to! You can fit the track as far into the room as you like, it all depends how much space you have, and how big you’d like your wardrobes to be. The standard depth is 640mm. I wouldn’t recommend any narrower than 610mm if you are having hanging in your wardrobe, as your hangers won’t fit neatly.

It’s important you think about what you’re going to store in your bedroom wardrobes. Measure these items and check how much space you need.

Our standard interiors are 500mm depth.

Can I fit the Track Directly to the Floor?

Yes you can, if the surface is smooth and firm. However the best results will be obtained if you fit floor liners first. This provides a smooth base for the track to fit on, and it can be leveled using packers to even out any discrepancies in the floor.

How Do I Clean My Doors?

Your new doors are relatively maintenance free, however they will need the occasional clean. Click here to learn how

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