Childrens Lighting: Kids Lamps, Ceiling Shades and Toddlers Nightlghts #black #bedroom #furniture

#childrens bedroom lamps


Children’s Bedroom Lighting

  • Moon Night Light Popular soothing night light for children, changes through blue, red, green and white and slowly fades.
  • Special Offer Kids Bedroom Lamps – GLTC White bases with either a pink and white daisy pattern, or choose the black with white stars.
  • Character Bedside Lamps Traditional bedside lamps, ‘shake ’em up’ glitter lamps and Kool Lamps for kids.

Light Shades for Lamps Ceilings

  • Kids Ceiling Shades Pink floral and black or white shades with a starry theme, some with matching bedside lamps.
  • Girls Ceiling Shades A range of pink, red and blue light shades for a girl’s bedroom
  • Boys Bedroom Light Shades A selection of boys light shades. Easy hand ceiling shades, some with matching lamps.
  • Ceiling Shades – Character A huge selection of characters and assorted types of ceiling shades.
  • Boys Handmade Lampshades From How I Wonder, a collection of beautifuly handmade lampshades for boys.
  • Girls Handmade Light Shades Pinks, green, cerise and a touch of black – gorgeous handmade lampshades
  • Character Night Lights A selection of inexpensive plug in, Toddler’s Character Night Lights,

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