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Children’s room wallpaper

Kids Paradise

The joys of childhood are a combination of so many elements: an enthusiasm for exploration and learning, sheer fun, playfulness. Our kids wallpapers help create the best environment for the little ones to thrive. The new range is stimulating and imaginative whilst also being functional. Our wall-coverings inspire, motivate; they are tactile and provide a way to analyse colours, motifs and patterns. Children love bright colours and interesting imagery, and our fresh designs feature, animals, flowers, phantasy worlds, heroes or feats of technology fun and games guaranteed!

Through a
Child s Eyes

Your precious offspring will be delighted: Our new designer wallpapers for kids rooms are a feast for the senses. Materials that are good for body and soul, calming or bright colours and funny motifs that appeal to children there is something for everybody in our new range. Children know their mind when it comes to colours and pictures and should have their say in the choice of wall covering from an early age. They need space to play, explore, relax, and grow, and children s rooms have to be multi-functional in order to provide the backdrop for a meeting of imagination and reality.

The Colours
of Life

Children s rooms should be colourful and vibrant. Childish joy, curiosity and playfulness need to be catered for. Our wallpapers for children s rooms meet all the multi-facetted needs your little boy or girl might have and evoke a feeling of well-being and security. Not all girls like pink, and there is no need to with our choice of brightly coloured alternatives. Many boys and girls have a penchant for motifs from the worlds of technology, sports or screen heroes. Gigantic flowers, cheerful polka dots, and photographic murals designed by wallpaper artist from across the globe complete the picture.

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