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Irving Chiropractors for Your Health

My first technique is loving service!

Maybe you ve suffered from persistent pain, numbness, or even fatigue for years or you ve explored other avenues to get well without success. If you ve felt discouraged by conventional medical options that don t address the cause of your condition, you ve come to the right place!

AtВ Maximal Health, patients have been enjoying natural, drug fee, gentle and specific chiropractic care since 1999. From infants to seniors, patients of all ages can experience the many benefits ofВ chiropractic care.

Addressing Your Concerns

Dr. Black takes the time to get to know his patients and their concerns. During a comprehensive one-on-one consultation, you ll be asked about health challenges you ve experienced in the past as well as any current complaints you have. He ll also discuss with you your health goals and let you know how he plans to help you achieve them.

If Dr. Black believes he can help, he will perform a specific series of both functional and structural tests to accurately determine the type of care that s best suited to your unique needs.

Customized, Compassionate Care

As no two patients are exactly alike, no two chiropractic care plans are identical. Dr. Black takes a customized approach to evaluating and caring for his patients. He has a variety of techniques, both manual and instrument-assisted, at his disposal to provide the care you need.

Dr. Black s We test, we don t guess philosophy along with his exceptional approach to creating extraordinary health and wellness for his patients, he has built a solid reputation for delivering outstanding care, with results! Dr. Black has been a pillar of the Dallas-Fort Worth community with his community outreach and education efforts in both radio and public speaking to reach those in need with compassion, clarity, and insight on the underlying causes of illness and suffering in our community. Dr. Black has been sought after by patients from all over North America and as a result of his radio program has had the opportunity to provide care for people from more than 40 countries. Additionally, many patients will fly into the DFW area to receive an evaluation and recommendations from Dr. Black. My goal is to help our patients become empowered and to exceed their expectations for their ability to create a healing state within their body, and express a state of health, beyond what limits they have set for themselves.

Getting You on the Path to Feeling Great

Our patients tend to want a natural approach that addresses the cause of their condition, not a Band-Aid or just symptom relief without addressing the root of the problems with a scientific and functional approach to health. By getting the natural care they need at Maximal Health, they will be well on their way toward relief, quality of life, and learning how to maintaining health and achieving wellness, through on-going care and the simple and effective Wellness strategies Dr. Black teaches at his monthly seminars. Dr. Black is a true teacher of health, as such in addition to providing quality Chiropractic care, he enjoys educating patients about how their body works and lifestyle changes they can make to prevent future health issues.

Many patients heal and recover from a variety of ailments and discover how much richer life can be when they feel their best!

Rejuvenate your health with natural chiropractic care.В Contact us todayВ to schedule an appointment! Insurance is accepted and financing is available.

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