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Looking to create a contemporary themed bedroom in your home? At Wholesale Furniture Brokers Canada we have a great selection of contemporary bedroom sets to choose from in a variety of styles and finishes. Browse through our collection of trendy low profile and platform beds – from solid wood or metal construction, as well as beds with leather upholstery – and bedroom storage options and accessories – such as contemporary nightstands, dressers, chests, armoires, and trunks – for added functionality and style.

Contemporary bedrooms are typically simplistic and practical in design, and it is important to keep the space as uncluttered and open as possible. For chambers with limited space for additional furniture pieces, our online catalogue has numerous beds with built in under-bed or headboard storage options to ensure maximum functionality with minimal pieces. Complete your room’s look with rich textured fabrics, and decorative accents and art with popping colour which add unique blends of contemporary trends and personal flair. If you are ready to place your order, or need assistance choosing the pieces that are right for you, call us toll free at (866) 595-8930 to talk to a customer service representative, or click on our live chat for instant help. We offer competitive wholesale prices and FREE Shipping right to your home Canada-wide, so order your contemporary bedroom furniture now to take advantage of these great offers!

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What is “Contemporary” Style and Design?

Although it is often used synonymously with modern, the term contemporary refers to a unique and dynamic trend in architecture, art, and design. Literally speaking, it is “of the here and now,” or “of the moment.” Unlike modern design, contemporary style is not limited to reflect a certain time period, and is less restricted by rules and conventions for incorporating colour and pattern. It is both eclectic – for example, a modern bed against a bright coloured wall can be paired with an antique chest and an animal print rug over distressed and rustic floorboards – as well as transitional – it is always changing to reflect current trends and personal decorating tastes. As a result, contemporary design makes it easy to incorporate new pieces and colour over time, and is very adaptable to change. Similarly to modern style, a contemporary look typically embodies a minimalist philosophy, embracing straight edges, smooth curves, and unadorned plain surfaces. There is a tendency towards natural materials and light or neutral colour palettes, and an emphasis on texture and well-placed decorative accents with bold vibrant colour. Expansive windows and strategic furniture arrangements which open up the bedroom and create airy spaces help to establish a contemporary milieu that is stylish, comfortable, and functional in your home.

Feng Shui Contemporary Bedroom Decorating Tips

Your bedroom is the most important room in your home for intimacy, restfulness, and revitalization which are fundamental elements of personal health and well-being. Therefore, it is essential to establish an atmosphere that promotes harmony and balance in order to help eliminate stress and negative energies for optimal relaxation and sleep. The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui was introduced into Western culture in the 1970’s, and since then has become a popular influence on home design and decorating. Feng Shui practiced today seeks to create a positive energy field in living environments, which can be achieved by correct furniture placement, colour, and soothing aromas. Here are just a few key Feng Shui bedroom tips to create an optimal environment for rest and sleep. Try not to place your bed – which is the most important element in your bedroom – directly under a window, or beside the bedroom door. The door into the room is typically a source of chaotic or stressful energy coming into the room, and windows often draw energy out. However, if you have a small room or have limitations to how and where you can place furniture, wall partitions, shelving, or drapes are great solutions to keep the bed in a protected energy field. Creating balance and symmetry is also very important, which applies to furniture placement, lighting, and decor. It is essential that no sharp edges or mirrors point directly at the bed, so you may have to get creative and strategic with your furniture placement. Use warm colours – such as reds, yellows, and browns – and make sure the air is fresh or infused with natural oils and candles to foster and maintain positive energy for meditation, alleviation of stress and anxiety, and optimal rest and health.

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