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Corporate Reputation

The Corporate Reputation team at FTI Consulting specializes in protecting and enhancing reputations; building an organization s profile as a leader; and, ultimately, supporting business outcomes that contribute to an organization s enterprise value. Our specialists work with clients to achieve these outcomes with tailored corporate reputation services that deliver credible and consistent messages to priority stakeholders through a variety of channels.

Our Service Offerings

Help clients establish a unified narrative and message framework for addressing key issues among all stakeholders More

Help clients address the key stakeholder priorities that most affect a company’s reputation and enterprise value More

Assist leaders in crafting their stories and delivering them to the right audiences with clarity and simplicity More

Provide media intelligence and relationships to facilitate interview and partnership opportunities for clients More

Assist clients in establishing strong CSR profiles that strengthen relationships and align with the company’s mission More

Deploy unique analytical tools to measure stakeholder beliefs and track progress based on client reputational goals More

Leverage deep sector expertise and understanding of the media landscape to help leaders communicate effectively More

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