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Dinosaur Bedroom

Dinosaurs will always hold a fascination for little boys and girls with big imaginations as they are the real-life monsters which inhabit their fantasy worlds. Before long most little ones know the names of the most fearsome dinosaurs such as T-Rex and Stegosaurus and their dinosaur collection will grow from cuddly dinosaur toys to scary looking models that sit menacingly on their bookshelves. So why not indulge their passion for all things toothy and scaly by creating a dinosaur themed bedroom to rival the set of Jurassic Park ok not quite perhaps but you can certainly have fun trying!

From the Little Home Collection this Dino Was Here features simple cartoon dinosaurs towering over treetops in the Land of the Dinosaur with the occasional GGGrrrrr! to remind you that behind their cartoon like features lurks a ferocious beast! But not so scary that your jungle explorer can t get his power nap.

The Hiccups dinosaur themed bedding set from Tescos is a detailed dinosaur prints and the soft light blue background that compliments the bold colours of the dinosaurs. The bedding set is 100% cotton so although it might look fierce, it s gentle and soft on delicate skin. The design and colours are lovely and calming, and the fabric is good quality.

Dinoscope duvet cover from Vertbaudet combines playful dinosaur images with hand shapes to make dinosaur shadow puppets as well as a little French thrown in well they may be tucked up in bed but that s no reason not to carry on learning is it? Again as with all good children s bedding it s 100% cotton and machine washable.

This Kidsaw Dinosaur Bed available from Amazon might not appeal to us as being conducive to a restful night s sleep but kids love it! After all, no monsters hiding under the bed are going to take their chances with this T-Rex are they? Children are safely wrapped in his giant claws, protected from any nightmare. The bed comes as a flat pack and is easily assembled with slots and slats so parents should soon warm to it too!

Dinosaur Bedroom Accessories

This dinosaur themed light switch from Candy Queen is ferociously cool! A must-have accessory for any dinosaur themed bedroom and surely a talking point amongst their friends and visitors?

This kid s dinosaur height chart from Bigjigs features a friendly faced dinosaur who uses its neck to measure your child s height and makes a great little room accessory to hang on the bedroom wall or door.

A cute dinosaur wall clock in pale blue and red from John Lewis will help your child to tell the time. 12 o clock is dino-time in our house and 7 0 clock is brontosaurus bedtime. Have fun teaching them basic times with the help of this jolly dinosaur wall clock.

This Dinotastic Cushion from the John Lewis Little Home Collection and matches perfectly the Dinotastic Duvet Set at the top of the page. Course he can be bought separately and given a loving home providing lots of bedtime cuddles for your dinosaur mad boy!

This Triceratops Lamp from amazon is utterly charming and quite different to any of the lamps available in the high street. Half the fun is making this one yourself which is a task to keep them busy for a little while! This picture shows the Triceratops Lamp but you can also get Diplodocus, Pterodactyl and of course the mighty T-Rex so which to choose?

Dinosaur Wall Stickers

A cute set of dino wall stickers from Fun to See available from amazon is bound to brighten up any room and bring a smile to all who see it. These cute characters are endearing and will soon become dinosaur buddies to your own budding dinosaur discoverer.

These dino wall stickers from Wall Glamour come in a range of colours to suit any bedroom theme. Just arrange them as you want and the bedroom wall instantly undergoes a transformation on a prehistoric scale.

Funky coloured dino wall stickers from Vertbaudet that match their bedding set above. You can place these dino wall stickers either on their walls or furniture pieces to bring these extinct creatures back to life and add a little attitude to your child s room.

Dino Wall Art

This Dino Jungle wall mural from nono designs is just incredible. A whole dinosaur scene is played out on the wall with so much going on the background that you ll discover something new every time you look at it. Creating a themed child s bedroom has never been so simple as this one accessory is all you need to turn a bedroom into a world that lies only in their wildest imaginings. If you are looking for the WOW factor then consider it found!

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