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Dressing Screens

“If you want to create a cosy dining area in an open plan living and kitchen area, a French Dressing Screen is such a simple solution, and can be used as a room divider to create separate zones in your living space. Drape the Dressing Screen with sparkling white fairy lights, strings of pearls, feather boas and your favourite dress!”
Georgia Metcalfe, Founder Creative Director

About Dressing Screens

Fantastically useful, our modern and traditional dressing screens can be used as room dividers to section off a working corner from your relaxing living space. Or use them as they were intended to be used – as a dressing screen to preserve your modesty whilst you dress, transforming your space from a bedroom into a boudoir in an instant! Pop a beautiful carved shabby chic dressing mirror next to it and a shaggy sheepskin or goatskin rug underneath for a truly luxurious space. Our perfectly formed range includes smart buttoned upholstered styles, a French scenic mural-style digital print that will transport your room to France, or if you are looking for more traditional styles of French furniture. why not consider one with a more traditional decorative carved style.

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Our Collections

  • FB STUDIO – Progressive Design & Contemporary Style
  • Antoinette – Oak French Furniture
  • Bonaparte – Luxury French Furniture
  • Chateauneuf – French Furniture in Natural Unfinished Wood
  • Delphine – Shabby Chic French Furniture
  • Frank Hudson – Beautiful French Furniture
  • Normandy – Painted French Furniture
  • Palais – Ivory & Gold Louis XVI-Style French Furniture
  • Provencal – White French Furniture
  • Romany – Patchwork Furnishings & Bedroom Furniture
  • Sassy Boo – Black French Furniture
  • Sylvia Silver – Silver French Furniture
  • Versailles – Gold French Furniture
  • Venetian – Mirrored Furniture
  • Vignette – White-Washed French Furniture

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