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Glass Curtains in Singapore

Glass Curtains are translucent or transparent curtains covering the interior of a window opening. However, are you aware that glass curtains have been officially disapproved by URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) in Singapore?

Take caution!

But don’t worry. Our glass curtains guide is the alternative solution for you. This will help you find some of the best curtains in Singapore!

Balconies as Semi-Outdoor Spaces

As balconies are intended to be semi-outdoor spaces, they do not enclose and are not capable of being enclosed by full glass screens or windows. This process would convert it into an indoor space – that breaks the purpose of having a balcony.

Balcony Screening Guidelines

Balcony screens must allow natural ventilation at all times, and be fully retractable.

New Requirements for Developers to Adopt

In order to ensure that home owners are informed about restrictions on balcony enclosures at the point of purchase, developers are now required to:

  • Include a note in the marketing brochure to point out that balconies are not to be enclosed. Only approved balcony screens are allowed to be used.
  • Include an illustration of the approved balcony screen in the marketing brochure to make it clear to home-buyers about the type of balcony screen that is allowed and,
  • Highlight the restrictions on balcony enclosures at the show flat, and install a mock-up of the approved balcony screen where possible.

All Balconies are Designed with Covers and Included as GFA

Home owners have shared that they prefer to have a roof or shelter over their open balconies for weather protection. In response to this feedback, covers are to be designed upfront at the planning submission stage, and the balconies computed as bonus GFA under the bonus balcony GFA scheme introduced in 2001. Developers shall propose a single cover plan, or a few designs for the buyers to choose from, but installing the covers will be optional. This way, home owners will have a choice in installing suitable covers (as well as the approved balcony screenings) for these balconies.

Size of Balconies to Commensurate with the Unit Size

URA has received planning applications with disproportionately large balconies that can be as large as, if not larger than, the indoor living room or bedroom area of the unit. Where necessary, URA will work with developers and architects to moderate the size of balconies proposed, so that the balcony size corresponds to the unit size.

Glass Panel Solutions

Glass has been one of the most significant architectural products for decades. With technological advancements reaching new heights, glass has assumed the role of a styling material, bringing into life the ideology of house owners and designers.

At Smartwindows, we understand the requirements of our varied clientele, and have developed an assortment of glass panel systems to meet their preferences. Our glass panels are crafted with precision and embossed with innovative designs and vibrant colors, to reflect the prevailing fashion trends.

In fact, our glass panels are the perfect substitutes for ceramic and wooden partitions, as the glass is highly effective when it comes to anti-wearing and corrosion-resistant qualities. In addition to this, glass also offers other benefits, such as controlling external noise and preventing heat and pollution, while allowing unrestricted natural light into your rooms.

At Smartwindows, our glass panels are crafted and planned based on the requirements of our clients. We consider various factors such as light reflectivity, light transmittance, sound insulation and ultra-violet rays before deciding on the appropriate glass panel. Our professionals, with their high level of expertise, make sure that your glass panels blend with the existing architecture. These panels are also easy to clean and create extra space for you.

Whether you want to set up panels for your cabinet entrance doors, balcony staircase railings or cabinet doors, our customized glass panels will help you in realizing your dreams. With our panels, you will be able to improve the ambience of your residential/office premises. Get in touch with us today, for we offer innovative solutions to meet your needs.


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