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Great Mickey Mouse Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Mickey Mouse is one of the most beloved cartoon characters of the Disney universe, a joyful and playful cute little fellow friends with millions of children (and adults as well!) around the world. For the love and positive inspiration it is to kids, setting up a Mickey Mouse bedroom can be one of the best gifts you can give to your children. Since it is loved by children of all ages, a Mickey Mouse bedroom can be set differently for children of different age groups, from toddlers to teens. So, given below are some great ways of doing a Mickey Mouse bedroom for your kids.

1 Mickey Mouse Nursery
A cheerful ambience can be set up with Mickey Mouse themed nursery for your baby. It can be done in different ways, but first choose a soothing shade for walls, like pale blue or green. One wall can be dedicated for Mickey themed painting or mural with it alone or with other Disneyworld friends. It is better to go Mickey for curtains as well as crib bedding, using a fabric with Mickey theme. Different patterns are available, from classic Mickey to baby Mickey; you can choose one that appeals you the most. To keep your baby happy and giggling in the crib, you can hang stuffed Mickeys right above the crib.

2 Mickey Mouse Kid s Room
Similarly, you can set up a Mickey Mouse bedroom for a little grown up kids. Since it is one of the most popular bedroom themes around, finding Mickey Mouse bedroom accessories and furniture as desired would not be much of a problem. You can use bold and bright colours as found in Mickey itself to paint the kid s room, but it is better to avoid painting such colours on all walls, since it can be a bit overwhelming visually. However, it is perfectly fine to go as bold as you like on one of the walls. You can add Mickey s paintings and stickers to decorate the walls of the room, irrespective of the colours you choose for your little boys bedroom decor. A Mickey themed headboard would also be great with your kid s bed.

Mickey Mouse Teen s Room
Perhaps, one of the best things about Mickey Mouse is that its love and attraction is timeless and ageless. Not even kids of all ages, but adults also love it. So, your teen queen might demand a Mickey Mouse bedroom for her. So, when it comes to Mickey themed rooms for teens and older kids, a classic and sophisticated Mickey theme should serve the best. Pale colours like lavender or sky blue are great for this, especially with dark wooden furniture. Walls and shelves can be adorned with vintage Mickey memorabilia. While doing a Mickey Mouse bedroom for teens, it is important to keep into consideration that your kid won t remain a kid forever, so it is better not to do things overwhelmingly, so that you can tweak the room whenever your kid wants a change.

Seeing happiness on children s faces is one of the biggest moments of joys for parents and that is why people all around the world love Mickey, as it helps keep their kids happy and smiling. You can also try out some other funky kids beds if your kid gets bored with one particular theme.

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