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#bedroom makeover ideas


Bedroom makeover ideas

This sun-drenched balcony overlooking a bright tree like this robinia, is the ideal reading spot and a great extension of this bedroom. If you have the option, move your bedroom to the side of your house that offers sunshine or a garden view.

Colour choice is critical for example, this pale coffee-toned quilt cover makes the room feel larger, while pale blue and lemon stripes provide subtle accent colour. An upholstered headboard in neutral tones adds texture and a sense of luxury.

Mix colours and textures

A collection of white and cream objects in varying sizes and organic shapes offers virtually endless display possibilities. Neutral shades shift the focus from colour to the subtleties of light and shade.

Finding a way to combine the aesthetics of two individuals and fashion a space they can enjoy as a couple is a challenge for even the most seasoned decorator.

The relaxed style of this bedroom illustrates how to begin with a neutral base, then introduce muted shades of blue, lemon and oatmeal. Mixing striped, checked and floral fabrics in complementary tones adds dimension without weight, and makes the room feel more spacious.

The art of shelving

Creating empty space is an essential element of any successful display and ensures your shelves never look cluttered or over crowded. Leaving vacant areas between groups of your treasured possessions, and mixing books with jewellery, glass and ceramics, allows each piece to claim attention.

The owners painted this bookshelf in Dulux Easter Lily to match the interior walls of the bedroom. Using the same colour makes these shelves an unobtrusive fixture where decorative objects become the main focus.

Clusters of pearlescent ceramics from Dinosaur Designs sit comfortably with books, perfume bottles and feminine effects. Subtle additions of lemon and pale blue continue the overall colour scheme of the room.

Including your child s artwork to the display adds a lovely, personal touch. Their endearingly naive renderings become whimsical and sentimental keepsakes when properly framed and displayed among other treasures, both old and new.


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