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TMHS 086: How To Create A Sleep Sanctuary And Get The Best Sleep Ever

We spend approximately 1/3 of our entire lives in a bedroom. That s a long time to be anywhere

This is what makes your bedroom such a special place. And the environment in this room, whether you realize it or not, has a huge impact on your health and longevity.

How can a room actually dictate your health? To put it simply, humans are a direct product of their environment.

Our brains are constantly creating and strengthening neuro-associations to the places we are the most (i.e. your bedroom!). This helps to automate our behavior. So, basically your bedroom has you programmed like a robot. That s right, you re sort of like a robot. Not as cool as Terminator 2, but not as clunky as the robot from Short Circuit.

In all seriousness, your brain has evolved constantly looking for ways to automate things to free up mental energy. Your bedroom setup will inherently influence your behavior, and if great sleep is a behavior you want to take part in, then listen to this closely.

There are certain things you re about to learn that turn the average person s bedroom into a danger zone. The surface experience may be that they re waking up tired each day (how ironic is that to wake up tired?!). But the deeper issues that a dangerous bedroom set up can bring are diabetes, cancer, birth defects, or even SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and I ve got the science to prove it.

The good news is, you re also about to learn how to create your very own sleep sanctuary that invigorates your health, adds to your vitality, and helps you to get the best sleep ever. This is because humans aren t just products of our environment, we are also creators of our environment. And with a few simple tweaks you ll be getting the best sleep of your life every night.

In this episode you ll discover:

  • How our brains are always trying to automate things.
  • Why humans actually have 3 different brains.
  • What hidden hazards in your bedroom could be causing you hormone problems.
  • The shocking connection between Wi-Fi and autism.
  • The #1 item in most bedrooms that can dramatically depress your sex life.
  • What light pollution is and how it affects you.
  • What the ideal room temperature is for the best sleep.
  • How the air quality in your bedroom can become stagnant .
  • What chemicals are used in the production of your mattress (this is shocking!)
  • How your mattress is impacting the health of your spine.
  • What the #1 wellness mattress is.
  • What the leading cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is.
  • 7 tips to create your own sleep sanctuary.
  • How a simple houseplant can improve your bedroom air quality (NASA proven!)
  • How to get yourself a free intelli-Pillow right here after listening to the show!

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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Create a bedroom

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