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How to do Teen Room Decor and What Elements to Consider

Most parents think that dealing with teen room decor can be tricky, complicated, and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you can understand their urges. Both of you can come to an agreement of the stuff you both like.

If you totally let them decide what they want, not only it will jeopardize your budgets and financial stability, you may end up with a Gothic room with all dark colors and gloomy atmosphere. Not something you want to have, right? However, you can’t take control of everything because it is teen’s bedroom and they have the right in contributing ideas and choose the items they want. Your part in this decor project isn’t as a controller or decision maker, but more as a consultant – someone to provide guidance that will help your teens take the right choices. That’s why you should sit together, discuss all the possible things, and come up to an agreement that you both like and enjoy.

Things to Understand about the Project

There are some elements and considerations that you have to understand before embarking on the work.

At this point, most teens are brand-oriented, which means that they may want to changes some of the old furniture and buy a new one – of course, the branded ones. If you have the money, and you are willing to cater to their needs, it is up to you. But if you are rather low on the budget, you should work it out. Discuss the possibility of not buying new stuff, but having a make-over instead. If the old stuff is pretty worn and needs replacement, then considering buying only several main items and have the rest repaired or changed in appearance. An old wardrobe can look new with some paint work, or an old bed can look different with a new headboard addition. Be creative and talk about it with your kids.

Your children are in the middle of the transformation period where they want to leave their childhood state and start their independent time. It is pretty understandable if they start becoming bossy or demanding. They may also want to include stuff that reflects their characteristic and unique personality and start leaving too-common-stuffs behind. Don’t restraint their want or wish; they have the right to express themselves and make decisions about the stuff they want or dislike. You should respect their opinions and wishes. However, you should also know where to put boundaries and restrictions. For instance, if your kids start talking about all black diy teen room decor. with black paint for the room, black carpet, and black cover, it is time to intervene and talk about other possibilities of room colors, and such thing alike. Give them alternatives that they like; meet in the middle instead of pushing your own wishes and wants.

It is pretty healthy if your kids think that they can do or change whatever they want. However, they should also know about your budgets concern. If they have certain wants and needs, you need to talk about your real condition, how much money you have, and what plans you have in mind that those budgets. If they want to chip in, that’s okay. In fact, it teaches them a lesson that money doesn’t grow on, the tree and they should work hard to gain something.

The Main Important Elements

Decorating teen room isn’t that hard if you know the key elements that will create different and new atmosphere.

Pay attention to the paint. Changing the color of the paint will be the easiest the and also cheapest way to transform a room. Depending on the effect and style that you want, you can choose whatever colors you like and combine it with others. Although it is okay to use more than one color palette, try to limit the colors to two or three different hues only. Having too many colors within a room will create fuzzy and chaotic result. Some people may find it whimsical and fun, but the actual result isn’t that stylish. Always have the main color and then have the others as additional or accents.

Color schemes are important. Most people only pay attention to the paint, but colors can be introduced through other objects, such as accessories or wall decor. The previous rule also applies to this. If you want to have different colors, it is better to choose ones that have similar hues or shades of the main color. If you are able to do this, you can still create colorful platform with balanced and harmonious effect.

Choose a theme. Although most teens like the modern and contemporary theme, some teens like to have a particular theme, like the country style or the rustic chic. Make sure that the elements of that style become the focal point in the room while other supporting elements can be flexible and arranged in more carefree manner. For instance, if your teen is into a rustic look, consider having a desk and wardrobe with rustic and worn effect that will be the focal point. Other elements can go along with the main theme or be accents for the main theme.

Pay attention to layout and spacing. Include main objects into the scheme, like bed, wardrobe, or side tables. If you want to include containers or other furniture, be sure that there is enough room to move around and your kid can move around freely, without bumping into the furniture. Paying attention to layout and spacing will create less cramped room, which is comfy and cozy.

Consider having a DIY work. Coming up with your own quilted blanket, wall decor, or pillow can create more personal effect as well as cozier atmosphere. After all, no one can compete with your creation, so you can create unique and distinctive look. There are lots of web sources for DIY teen room decor projects that both you and your kids do together. Not only you will create magnificent results and products, you can have a tighter bond with them.

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