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Ceiling Lighting for Childrens Rooms, Nursery Lights

Ceiling Lighting for Childrens Rooms, Nursery Lights

Lights for children’s rooms, nursery lights and lights for babies and toddlers rooms must be fun as well as both safe and functional. The Lighting Company has put together a large collection of kids lighting which is packed full or colourful characters. Most of the lights have character names to enable turning out the light to be a fun part of the bed time routine. So much nicer to say nighty-night to a “Smiley” light.

Our collection of fun lights for children is designed for kids between the ages of 0 to 12 year of age. Safety is important, so whether the light is for a Princess or a Pirate it is always made with child friendly materials. If it’s wooden, it’s FSC wood, if it is painted only non toxic paints are used. As you would expect our children’s lights are are designed and manufactured to conform to current EU legislation – you child’s safety is important.

Our selection includes nursery lights, ceiling lights for boys bedrooms, ceiling pendants for girls bedrooms, and spotlights for bedrooms and playrooms,

We have pretty butterfly or floral lights for girls rooms and football and aeroplane lights for boys rooms. The majority of our ceiling lights can be dimmed using a standard dimmer which allows them to be used as low level lights at night.

We hope you enjoy browsing our fun selection of kids ceiling lights, there are childrens wall lights and table lamps for a night light too.

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