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CHKD Mural
This is a large 50’x17′ ceiling mural I painted for a children’s hospital

Murals for a Dentist Office:
A set of three murals for a dentist’s office including a 25′ circular ceiling mural.

Murals for a Hospital in Las Vegas:
Murals and other work for a new children’s wing in a Las Vegas hospital.

Mural for a Library:
This is a mural for a children’s reading area in a local libary in Nebraska.

Mural for a Movie Theatre:
Here’s a fun 8’x10′ mural I painted for a movie theatre.

Residential Mural in St Maarten:
This is a scenic mural painted in a condo in St Maarten.

Exterior Mural:
I painted 3 wood panels and installed them outside of a hardware store.

Kids’ Bedroom Murals:
Two murals painted for kid’s bedrooms with variations on a beach theme.


Click any image for a larger version

I had a lot of fun with these two murals. I consulted with the kids to see what their interests were and tried to incorporate a lot into these murals for their bedrooms. Each mural was 4 feet tall by over 14′ wide. I painted them in my studio and installed them on site.

The mother then worked a whole room design around the murals and I added some elements as well. In the girl’s room I added a colorful 1/2 beach umbrella with lights. In the boy’s room, I added a beach shack complete with fishing net and shells.

Installed and ready to move in!

And here are some details of the paintings:

Find out how murals are priced what you need to do to get started. I look forward to working with you.

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