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National Insurance Number Card Online Application

Use our efficient appointment management and interview preparation service to apply for a new or replacement National Insurance Number (Cards have now been replaced with an official HMRC letter ). Our service includes translation of any necessary forms, documents and booking management of the interview or appointment, where required. Your personal booking agent will review all supporting documents required for the application process, fast-track and organise re-booking of appointments on your behalf, where applicable.
Disclaimer: You can apply for a national insurance number without assistance from organisations such as HMRC. We are not affiliated with HMRC or any government body.

If you cannot remember your National Insurance Number or think that you have lost it.

You can apply for a reminder document on an official HMRC document by using this link .

If you have just moved to the United Kingdom

It is possible that if you have a BRP you may already have a National Insurance Number. You will not need to apply if you already have one. If you need to apply for a new National Insurance Number you can do so by following this link

If you have moved house and need to change your address.

We have created a simple to use form that can be accessed here

What if I need to work?

You will be able to start work before the arrival of your National Insurance Number. You will need to prove that you are eligible to work in the UK. You can check your eligibility here

What will happen if I need to attend an Identity Interview?

You may receive a letter asking you to attend an identity interview. At the interview you will be asked why you need a National Insurance Number, you may be asked what you current situation is and will be asked to provide some of the following documents:

-Proof of address (Tenancy Agreement or Utility Bill)
-Driving Licence (Photo Card or Paper Licence)
-Birth Certificate or Adoption Certificate.
-Marriage Certificate or Civil Partnership Certificate.

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