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Why You Should Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree

Deciding to earn your degree can be challenging. It requires commitment, time, and energy. But for your future, the positive benefits of obtaining your degree outweigh the challenges.

The motivation for attending college is undoubtedly different for everyone and, most of the time, having a degree can provide advantages that are well worth your efforts in the long run.

So what’s motivating you?

Do you believe that earning your bachelor’s degree will create more employment opportunities? You’re right; it will. For decades, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data has shown that workers with a bachelor’s degree have lower unemployment rates and higher earnings than workers with less education.

Do you crave more financial stability? While no degree can guarantee you more money, employees with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of 36% more than those with an associate’s degree, and 64% more than those with a high school diploma, according to the BLS. An employee with a bachelor’s degree is likelier to have more promotion opportunities than an employee with an associate’s degree as well.

Are you just wanting to achieve your personal goals? Careers are great, but knowing that you did something, learned something, and grew as a person is a great reason to earn your degree as well. Maybe it’s been a few years and you want to prove to yourself you can finish, or maybe you want to be a role model for your kids. but earning an online bachelor’s degree from a state university is something everyone can respect.

Find a Degree Program that’s Right for You

Completing your online undergraduate degree through CSU-Global provides you with more than just a diploma. With an emphasis on real world concepts and career-relevant skills, you get training and experience to go along with your credit hours.

Plus, CSU-Global strives to make each student’s education as affordable as possible. With our Tuition Guarantee. your tuition won’t increase over time; it will stay at the same, low rate for the duration of your enrollment at CSU-Global.

View all of the online bachelor’s degree programs offered by CSU-Global.

The Accounting degree program provides fundamental knowledge as well as a comprehensive review of organization management for professionals interested in pursuing or advancing their careers in a financial or budgeting capacity.

  • Applied Social Sciences

    Social Science degree programs investigate the human experience, and examine structures, relationships, and ideas of the social world and how they relate to human behavior with an emphasis on critical thinking, interpersonal awareness, and team-building skills.

    The Business Management program prepares individuals to apply critical analysis in decision-making affecting the fiscal and economic value of an organization, innovate and integrate appropriate technology, and become leaders at every level of the organization.

    The Communications degree program provides verbal and written skills for leadership and management positions responsible for public relations, corporate training, marketing, and business management within organizations.

  • Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration

    A degree in criminal justice can lead to a career in law enforcement, corrections, private security, social work, and other occupations requiring leadership and in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice field.

  • Health Care Administration and Management

    Managers trained in the specific needs of the healthcare field are in high demand. Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to advance your career in this online bachelor’s degree program.

  • Human Resource Management

    The Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management focuses on the value of people. Leadership topics are designed to help HR professionals effectively manage employee issues and responsibilities as well as hire, train, and retain staff members who contribute to organizational success.

    This degree provides students with a working knowledge of the theory, delivery methods, and management of various forms of social and community support. It prepares them for a variety of careers in the human services discipline.

    This degree program enhances a student’s knowledge in the technical field in Information Technology and prepares them for a wide array of professions.

  • Management Information Systems and Business Analytics

    The Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics focuses on the use of data to meet organizational objectives and achieve competitive advantages through metrics-based decision making.

    The Marketing degree program teaches students how to effectively utilize current trends, including electronic and integrated approaches, in order to develop effective marketing and communications strategies in today’s global economy.

    Knowledge of the leadership and management skills including basic functions, organizational behaviors, leadership communication skills, and more help you operate in today’s global organizations.

    This degree program provides students with a working knowledge of how to manage and control full scale organizational projects and tasks from planning to completion.

    Earn Credits To Help Your Career

    In addition to our program majors—with new ones added every year—CSU-Global offers Specializations to customize your degree in an area of personal or professional interest. That means that your credits don’t just fill up your transcript, they give you actual marketable skills.

    Maximize Your Previous Experience

    While all CSU-Global bachelor’s degrees require 120 credits to complete, we work to maximize the number of credits accepted in transfer (up to 90) so you can get done faster. New classes start every 8 weeks, and with no set class times or locations, you can complete your courses on your schedule.

    Earning your bachelor’s degree is an investment in your future, but we understand that finding the money to invest in yourself can be a challenge. We’re here to help.

    Our promise to you is an affordable education with low tuition rates, no out-of-state tuition, and tuition guaranteed not to increase for as long as you are enrolled. Find out more about our exclusive Tuition Guarantee and our financing options here (including military assistance and financial aid programs ).


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    – Jennifer Vogel, B.S. in Accounting Student

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