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Which statement about a commissioners court is incorrect?

Commissioner districts need not be drawn on the basis of the one-person, one-vote principle. (this is the answer that has to be selected but is wrong)

Which of the following statements about a general-law city is correct?

It is an incorporated community with a population of 5,000 or less.

The unit road system does which of the following?

Takes the day-to-day responsibility for roads away from individual county commissioners and places it in the hands of a professional engineer

Texas cities can keep from being boxed in by suburban bedroom cities using their power of

Which city governments have officials who act as both executives and legislators?

Which of the following is not an example of a victimless crime?

A court order to compel or restrain a particular action is called

writ of injunction.

A prisoner s initial appearance before a magistrate is called

The right to a grand jury indictment is guaranteed in which document?

Both the U. S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution

As a community property state, Texas requires all of the following except

Which of the following statements about persons who typically commit serious crimes is incorrect?

Ad valorem taxes may not be applied to which of the following?

Duties of the justice of the peace may include all of the following except

Which of the following statements about petit (trial) juries is correct?

County courts have six-person juries, whereas there are twelve people on juries at the district court level.

Which statement about minorities and the state judicial system is correct?

The system continues to be harshly criticized by representatives of minority groups.

The only constitutional qualification to become a justice of the peace is

being a registered voter.

Which of the following statements about legal briefs is incorrect?

Which of the following allows registered voters to force a sometimes reluctant city council to place a proposed ordinance on the ballot?

The lessons learned from observing decision making in small cities in Texas

apply to larger cities, states, and the national government as well.

In a weak-mayor form of government, power is

Which of the following is not an example of a federal mandate?

The two largest Texas cities with a mayor-council form of government are

Houston and Pasadena.

__ voting is an at-large system that permits voters to cast one or more votes for a single candidate.

A criminal case does not involve

cases that deal primarily with individual or property rights.

Which of the following is not a qualification to become a district court judge?

Who is the county law enforcement official elected to serve as the process officer of justice of the peace courts and also has general law enforcement powers?

Which of the following statements about mandates is correct?

There is an increase in the number of mandates imposed by the federal government.

Which of the following is not a type of clemency in Texas?

Children as young as __________ that are arrested for serious crimes may be certified to stand trial as adults.

The legislature has passed laws involving all of the following except

Civil law in the states today is based in large part on centuries-old English

Which U.S. Constitutional Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches?

Which of the following has the authority to determine the property tax rate on real property in a county?

The commissioners courts

Declining marginal propensity to consume means

Which of the following is not true about recent state budgets?

According to the Pew Research Center, the American public has a more _________ of local governments than of the national and state governments.

When a county has a population of more than 8,000, which office assumes the county clerk s role as record keeper for the district courts even as the county clerk continues to maintain records for the constitutional county court and any county courts-at-law?

According to the United States Supreme Court, which of the following is not a legal exception to the Miranda Rule?

Answer is not A confession made without Miranda warnings may not be used as evidence of perjury if later statements by the accused contradict it. (options are When the public safety is endangered, Miranda warnings are unnecessary.; When a confession given without the Miranda warning leads to witnesses, their testimony may be used.; Police may ad lib the Miranda warning without using the precise language in the 1966 decision.>

A tax imposed with the intent of exerting social or economic control by reducing taxes on approved behaviors or imposing higher taxes on undesirable activities is

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