Real bedroom furniture- thomasville fredericksburg? #children #bedroom #accessories

#thomasville bedroom furniture


real bedroom furniture- thomasville fredericksburg?

Thomasville is considered a good mid-quality brand. It s not one of the top brands but their prices also reflect that (though depending on which line you re talking about, they do tend to be at the top of the middle rather than the bottom).

I also think that veneer is not a dirty word, JMHO. The line that I just recently purchased from could not be made without veneer, though it s veneer on plywood and not particalboard. The line that you are looking at also has got to be veneer, that s how you get those beautiful inlays on the drawers.

I think the price on the bed and the chest sound pretty reasonable though, after scouring store upon store for the right furniture for our small bedroom. I also agree whole-heartedly with buying a couple of new pieces that fit the modern functionality that you want. If you want anything but a twin or full bed, antiques are very very few and far between and the dressing chest in that set is just really nice.

Here s the bunching chest I recently ordered from their bogart line (also veneer, that s how you get the wonderful patchwork of burled wood)

and the set of antique nightstands I got to go with it (the pair cost about what a single thomasville nightstand would cost and the scale fits my room much better too), also the evil cheap veneer :

So I think your plan is a good one ;). Custom furniture sounds great but unless that price includes marquetry and beautiful inlays, I bet comparing apples to apples you re going to find that custom doesn t come out cheaper and certainly the higher end brands don t (they are WAY out of our price range).

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