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La Jolla Recovery | Rehab San Diego

I didn’t know what to expect from a drug rehab and less from a sober living. Did I need it? I can’t deny it was very scary. The staff at La Jolla Recovery addiction treatment centers made it easy to open up by being genuine and compassionate. Being so close to the beach with great activities made the discomfort of change a pleasure. I had no idea I would have so much support and ultimately sober friends. Thank you La Jolla drug rehab San Diego for the love you shared. I cannot believe the life I lead today. Sober living was key to making the best of the outpatient program they recommended. From iop San Diego to the sober living homes, all the drug and alcohol treatment programs simply cemented my sobriety and kept me away from addiction. Thank you.

Barret B. Client

The best addiction treatment center I have experienced both in terms of engagement and follow up. La Jolla rehab San Diego truly understood where I was coming from. Though I wanted to know everything that my daughter was doing, they had patience and shared the comfort of knowing she was being tested with a full schedule at her sober living. I also had to do work on my own but it was a slow process. Thanks to La Jolla detox San Diego it is possible today to know when I am needing work on myself so that its not stressful on my daughter, which I know has a big plate on her hands but has proven to me and our family how dedicated she is. What a great way to attend women’s rehab and women’s addiction.

La Jolla Recovery drug rehab San Diego is by far the most social and involved addiction program. I literally could not be happier that I chose to not only go through alcohol detox, but also continue with IOP and sober living. I thought is was too much back then but now I know what a foundation it was to my program. Today I am living with another sober roommate and have been working to paying bills and enjoying life. My family now feels comfortable for me to visit them. I can say I have everything I wanted although I didn’t think any of this mattered before. Thanks La Jolla drug rehabilitation San Diego.

Contacting La Jolla Recovery inpatient residential and alcohol treatment center was enlightening. They all have an amazing drug addiction rehab center team with talent in their respective fields evident by simply seeing that our son wanted to complete the intensive outpatient program and continue to sober living in San Diego. I had no idea all of that was going to create a foundation for the life he is now living. Getting back into college and having him call is to share positive things is very special. Thank you La Jolla drug detox and alcohol rehabs San Diego for your attention and experience.

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