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Waking up in a dark room can feel relaxing at times, but subdued palettes seem to lack that energizing factor that really gets the body moving. This post features bright white Scandinavian-inspired bedrooms filled with versatile design ideas you can implement right at home. Each one is tailored to make the most of the early morning sun – nature’s alarm clock. While dark rooms can help residents capture a few extra hours of rest, these dazzling Scandinavian-inspired rooms are sure to bring back that early morning vigor. Are you an aspiring early riser? This collection of Nordic-themed bedrooms is for you!

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  • Visualizer: Pavel Pisanko

Polka dots prevent this bright bedroom from seeming overly sterile. The simple accent wall print also helps to ensure the expansive walls don t overwhelm the simplicity of the interior design. Of the wooden elements, the rocking chair is the work of Charles and Ray Eames and the bench is from George Nelson.

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  • Visualizer: Hieu Doan

Romantic typographical decals bring a touch of modernism to this classically inspired bedroom. Highly distressed wood on the side table, dresser, and headboard enhance the contemporary design with relatably chic appeal.

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  • Designer: Melissa Hegge
  • Source: Airbnb

This space was decorated for a contest hosted by Airbnb, the interior accommodations created by Melissa Hegge using only Norwegian design objects some of which are prototypes. The apartment occupied the uppermost point in the famous Holmenkollbakken ski jumping hill in Oslo as part of the limited-time contest.

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  • Visualizer: Dima Zakharov

Dark bedding and furniture offer up a cozy appeal, with the trademark white walls given personality with beautiful illustrations. This room features accessories from notable Nordic designers like Arne Jacobsen (AJ table lamp) and Hans Wegner (Wishbone chair).

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  • Visualizer: Đình Dũng Hoàng

A fantastic blue accent wall boosts this room and provides a lovely backdrop for the wooden side tables and high-contrast typographic prints. Artwork is simply propped against the exposed brick to the left: a good solution when you can t drill or hammer into the walls.

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  • Via: Zcool

Cheerful animal prints wearing warm winter clothes helps make this traditionally decorated bedroom feel a little warmer and cozier. A midcentury-inspired sideboard cabinet centers the arrangement with a bold geometric pattern.

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  • Visualizer: Leu Khanh

Expansive white walls required a few smart accents to check the sense of scale, readily accomplished by the tall balcony door and the abstract art print to the left.

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  • Via: The Apartment

Charming, subdued, quintessentially Scandinavian. Layered textiles and warm fur complement the spare and minimalistic space. The fascinating woven chair to the right is the iconic Flag Halyard by renowned Danish designer Hans Wegner.

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  • Visualizer: AIV Studio

Strong organic themes give this bedroom a classic and natural appeal. The live edge table is significantly lighter in color than the floor, but the light brown bedspread helps to balance the distribution of tones. The ethereal lamps hanging above are the work of photographer/designer Mark Eden Schooley.

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  • Visualizer: Julia Khamula

Carefully chosen color accents energize this bright white-and-black room. Purple and blue aren t the most common color themes for a Scandinavian interior but this application is quite modern and lively.

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  • Visualizer: Denis Krasikov

Typography and geometric patterns bring this simply appointed bedroom up to date with today s most beloved design trends. The bedframe and window shutters, on the other hand, demonstrate a charmingly traditional vibe.

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  • Designer: Laura Seppänen

Goldenrod, bright red, and blueish-gray tones come together to create an approximation of the primary color theme of the De Stijl style, a Dutch art movement founded in 1917.

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  • Visualizer: Orange Graphics

Distressed whitewashed brick and light wood give this Scandinavian bedroom a chic and urbanistic style balanced by classic ceiling beams and a playful canopy bed.

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  • Visualizer: Vudu Motion

This post has already highlighted plenty of grayscale bedroom themes but it s time to examine what really makes those interior styles work. Without the layered textiles, this room might just look minimalistic and without the chic accessories, this space would seem purely modernist.

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  • Visualizer: MG Design UK

Grayscale, typography, science themes, and geometric prints this bedroom combines the best of modernist design trends with the classically subdued aesthetics of Scandinavian decor.

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  • Visualizer: AIV Studio

Exposed brick sets the immediate theme, somehow proving more of a focal point than the charismatic series of framed prints to its right. Note the vintage appliances as decor along the sideboard shelves an affordable and easy to emulate style for any interior.

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  • Visualizer: Michał Morzy

Exceptionally weathered exposed brick embraces a Scandinavian theme with a cohesive coating of white paint. Muuto pendants hang in the far corner, and lifestyle decor occupies a selective variety of empty spaces.

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  • Visualizer: Vic Nguyen

Of all the minimalistic spaces highlighted throughout this post, this interior is one of the most streamlined yet doesn t sacrifice an ounce of personality for its clean aesthetic.

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