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“For us it was a natural choice. As a small private school, it was affordable, efficient. It s customizable. Choosing Seton Testing has been a wonderful experience for our small private school.”
TJ Bell Marks. Principal Omni International School, GA

“ A very good way to evaluate how the student is going to do during the school year and also to place them in the proper grade. Seton s turn around on grading is quick. We normally get a turn around in two weeks sometimes within a week.”
Byron Whitcraft. Principal St. Louis de Montfort Academy, PA

“It helps monitor my kids improvement with tools they give us online. You can see what you need to improve upon as a teacher and you can tell where your child may need more work if they re ready to move on or if they need to spend more time on a particular study.”
Stephanie Norton. Parent Teacher

Fast. Friendly. Economical.
Place your student where they should be when you want.

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Measure Your
Student’s Success

Whether you are an individual homeschooler, a private school. or with a homeschool group. Seton Testing Services provides affordable, standardized testing and test preparation materials to meet your testing needs.

If you are new to testing with Seton, you may want to look at our overview of the testing process.

Why Test?

As an educator, you can benefit from assessments in the following ways:

  • Monitor student progress
  • Diagnose student strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide information on curriculum and instructional effectiveness
  • Discover student potential in order to provide sufficient challenge
  • Isolate a learning disability in order to provide remediation
  • Help with placement in various programs and schools
  • Meet your state testing requirements

Why Test with Seton?

  • Established Reputation Over 30 years of providing testing materials to the homeschool and private school community.
  • Prompt and Friendly Customer Service Helping individuals and groups every step of the way from ordering to understanding results!
  • Great Prices Group discounts and low prices
  • Easy Ordering Either online or by phone
  • Quick Results Tests scored locally, results within 2 weeks
  • Online Testing Take the Stanford 10 achievement test and the Algebra Placement Test online

Let us walk you through the entire testing process. See the procedure, from how to order, to successful test administration, to receipt of test results. We ll make sure you have the simplest and most successful experience possible.

Current Norm Period

SPRING NORMS for all standardized tests.
Tests automatically scored for spring norms.
No extra cost for Spring Norm scoring.
Scoring for Fall or Midyear is $15 per test.

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