Sliding Hanging Room Dividers, bedroom dividers.#Bedroom #dividers

Sliding Hanging Room Dividers

Sometimes the living space needs to be divided and particular zones marked out. With a sliding hanging room dividers you ll easily accomplish the task. Check the designs below to choose dividers which will add some character to the interior.

Bedroom dividers

My friend has a small apartment with one big space. We was thinking how separate rooms, so he decide to try the classic sliding doors with wooden construction. It’s an easy and cheap manner to create fantastic home.

Bedroom dividers

If you need something a little more original and still extremely functional then this sliding door will be perfect, since it provides an easy addition of privacy to any space without you having to built another wall.

Bedroom dividers

Sliding doors for dividing living room, kitchen, dining room and others interiors as needed. It is made of glass and fitted with metal handle. Modern design for each home.

Bedroom dividers

Large sliding doors blend with the wall and create large planar surface; wide doorway maintains the feel of spaciousness, though the doors can be closed at any time to divide the apartment. Worthy solution for small apartments.

Bedroom dividers

Astound your guests with those breathtaking, sliding, hanging room dividers! They are very easy to use, provide a proper level of privacy and convenience, and make a perfect solution for separating your bathroom from your bedroom.

Bedroom dividers

A functional and decorative room divider with solid wooden frame in a walnut finish. This durable and attractive construction also includes aluminum and frosted glass. Thanks to these materials, this divider is solid and decorative.

Bedroom dividers

This stylish room divider is an excellent way to place your intimate space inside the small apartments. Simple design is elegant, does not take up a lot of space, and additionally introduces a cozy atmosphere for the decor.

Bedroom dividers

This construction is a functional and original element for room dividing into smaller spaces. It features three sliding panels with durable and decorative wooden frames. Brown and white colors of this divider look good in many rooms.

This big room divider is ideal for large spaces. Its neutral white color and durable wooden construction are its very important advantages. It features a stylization of sliding doors and it includes shelves for books and other items.

Pretty-looking contemporary room divider with sliding panels on a frame. Panel curtains are made of polyester fabric in beiges, browns and blues with solid or delicate floral patterns. Curtains are machine washable and can be ironed.

Thanks to these sliding doors you’ll be able to successfully separate your master bedroom from your bathroom. The doors are constructed of wood and painted in white, equipped with cut out holes instead of traditional handles.

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IKEA Sliding Doors Room Divider | Floor to Ceiling Room Dividers – Sliding Dividers Bookcases

Panel Track Blinds Design Guide: Panel Track Blinds, also referred to as sliding panels, offer a new and innovative idea for covering extra large windows and sliding glass doors. Hanging panels span your window or stack neatly over each other when opened.

If your house is big enough, with enough space to divide, you can try this heavy, sliding door. The door is designed in an industrial style, using distressed sheet metal. It looks quite impressive, and thanks to it, your privacy will be more than guaranteed.

I’ve never seen a similar room divider before – instead of standard standing panel, a window has been affixed to the door frame on hinges. It defines the space but retains its brightness and open design.

Put a little bit of creativity into your home, while using those distressed sliding doors. They look like a pair of heavy curtains, smoothly gliding on the top rail, which can be a nice change from the traditional entry.

Craftsman Custom craftsman home office

Would make a great way to hide the mess in my daughter’s room! Please slide those doors in front of the messy area. 😉

Carpets on pocket door tracks – genius! Courtesy of the Bev Hisey Sneak Peek |

Similar to your layout with a barn door for the MB. Look at how they picked up the natural wood onthe front of the tub and back wall.

87″ x 40″ Sotto Rings Mirror Hanging Room Divider

This mirror hanging room divider is a great solution for your interior decoration. Beautiful rings give the whole a remarkable nature by which it is impossible to resist his charms. Based on a solid metal structure.

What about a modified/simplified version of this for the door to the “movie vault”?? Just an idea we had. Barn doors divide sitting and dining rooms

Asian style specific elements living room interior design decor

South Shore Decorating Blog: Manhattan Loft Living in Soho and Tribeca

Pocket door divider from bedroom to bathroom without the pocket. I wonder how expensive this is.

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