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Tecra vs Satellite

I am looking to buy a new laptop. I have somewhat narrowed it down to the Toshiba Tecra A5 or the Toshiba Satellite M50 or M55. My main question is what is the difference between the two lines. I plan on customizing the laptop to about 2ghz processor, 1gb of ram, and atleast an 80gb hardrive. Also, i noticed that some of the toshiba laptops don’t offer bluetooth. I would like to have bluetooth and I’m curious as to whether either the Tecra or the Satellite come with this feature. Thanks in advance.

P.S. The main reason I am leaning towards a toshiba is because of the 12 months no payments financing offer. Is anyone else offering this type of deal also? I am very interrested in the HP dv1440us.

I am interested in what will be posted in reply to your question.

You want many of the features I would want, but to be honest I only need 512MB/ 60-80 (5400) HD/ combo drive (have a burner)/ and wireless WITH integrated Bluetooth. Every time I find a make and model that can match these, the price is driven up past my budget.

fully customizable.giveing you your specs needed above as well as the choice to use the graphics media accelerator or the Nvidia Gforce.i recomend the nivida Gforce for graphics of course.

Satellites are having just awful problems with build quality and reliability right now. Tecras seem to be doing much better in terms of consumer complaints. The HP you’re looking at is considered a great machine as well. but no dedicated GPU. If you like HP, I’d strongly recommend the new Dv4000 with the ATI X700 GPU. This is a very highly rated machine, has performance profiles similar to an Acer Ferrari and is a steal at the current pricing. I bought one and I’m completely satisfied with it. A Dv4000 configured the way you want it (with bluetooth) would cost you $1493 (cheaper if you are a teacher or are going to school and can get the academic discount which is about 6%)

you changed this thread togus.the memeber that started the thread asked a simple question the m50,m55,or the tecra.and you throw in the normal hp junk.lets call the the toshiba/hp thread now.the old big heads in here always push HP/COMPAQ like it,s heaven.shhhhhhh dont say toshiba in notebook fourms or the moderators will rip on it.to bad (consumer reports)—a nonprofit does not agree with them on HP/compaq.Togus. after confronting me on a past post this makes you look wourse.

Is right here. Your posts are ususally agressive and often parsing of the facts. The person starting this thread included this “I am very interrested in the HP dv1440us.” in his message. thus indicating an interest in other products. The reason for forums such as this is to exchange information, ideas and suggestions. not a little kid, my toy is better than your toy kind of spat. So, charge forward mhy friend, but I for one am tired of this level of discourse.

I appreciate the input of both Togus and Qosimo. Qosimo, you helped me out alot in a previous post of mine, and I somewhat regret not taking your advice and customizing a Tecra A5 then. Now the problem is that I need a laptop NOW. I am in lawschool and I have had to take all of my notes on an Ipaq with a bluetooth keyboard, which is very limited as to workprocessor functioning, and with exams around the corner I really need to transfer my notes to a laptop and start outlining. I am very close to ordering the hp dv1440us because I’ve found it one a site with 12months no payments and that will do overnight shipping. My last question is pertaining to Togus’s comments on the GPU. Is that really necessary if I don’t do any computer gaming outside of a little poker and rapala bass fishing? Won’t the intergrated graphics of the dv1440us be sufficient? Plus, i prefer the dv1000 series to the dv4000 series becuase of size and weight as I will be carrying it to school daily. I would appreciate you alls or anyone else’s input on this. Thanks in advance.

I would guess that your could get by with the intergrated graphics solution given your demands. By going with intergrated graphics you will benefit from greater battery life and a much cooler running machine. If you want to read a far more informed opinion than I can give you, try this link:

The forum u directed me to was very helpful. But everything just keeps me thinking. Now I wanna know if I am looking for too much. I was interested in the dv1440us becuase it has a 2ghz processor, and a full gig of ram. If I’m not gaming is this necessarry. Maybe I should go from this direction: I will be using the notebook mainly for school, but it will be constantly connected to the internet at home running probably norton internet security, I will use it to back up all of my dvd’s, music, and ps2 games. I don’t really plan on doing any gaming on the notebook itself, but I won’t something with a good enough configuration that I won’t be looking to upgrade for atleast two years. Any suggestions on whether I am going in the right direction with the 1440us or do u recommend anything else. Is the configuration more than i need or right on point or what?

On a Dv4000 equipped with a PM running at 1.73 GHz the machine will calculate Pi to 2 MILLION digits in one minute and 44 seconds (1:44) with a 2GHz processor the same calculation takes 1:33. the difference in price between the two is $125.00. some people, myself included, think that its not worth the difference in price for what is a very small difference in computational speed. I think you’re better served to take that $125.00 and buy more RAM, and that you will get more real benefit out of an extra 512MB of ram than .27 GHz of processor speed.

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