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Per Credit Tuition Plan

$525 per credit registered

  • Students to register and pay for courses on a per credit basis
  • The plan does not cover the one-credit Cornerstone course required for new students who enroll as of May 25, 2016
  • The plan does not cover textbooks or course materials

Residency Requirement

Students who select the Per Credit Tuition Plan (excluding those who enroll under a military plan) with the intention of earning an associates or bachelor s degree from Thomas Edison State University must complete 16 credits via Thomas Edison State University Online (OL), Guided Study (GS) or e -Pack (EP) courses. This requirement may be waived by paying the Residency Waiver fee.

  • TES-100 Cornerstone: Lifelong Learning Strategies course: As of May 25, 2016, new students are required to complete TES-100. a one-credit online course designed to assess their readiness in areas relevant to student success.

Newly enrolled students will be automatically registered for this course, which will appear in new students registration results. One-time tuition for the course is $300 (not included in the Per Credit Tuition Plan).

Enrollment Grace Period

All students are provided a thirty day grace period at the end of their current year of service. For example if their enrollment date is August 2, 2015 they have a thirty day grace period that ends on September 1, 2015.

The primary purpose of the grace period is to provide students completing their degrees with time to submit final grades or transcripts for the graduation audit. Students that will not complete their final courses during the grace period will be required to extend their enrollment.

If a student has not renewed or extended their Comprehensive Tuition Plan, or enrolled in a course or exam that will extend their active enrollment under one of the University s per credit tuition plans, he or she will become inactive at the end of the grace period. After a student is inactive they will be required to reapply to the University.

Change of Enrollment Plans

NOTE: All tuition costs listed here were approved on March 10, 2017 by the Board of Trustees of Thomas Edison State University and are effective April 1, 2017. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

  • If your degree program requires a course not offered by Thomas Edison State University, then you may need to take that course at another institution. Those courses are not covered by this tuition plan and you would be responsible for any and all costs incurred at that institution.
  • This plan does not apply to nursing students or graduate students.

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