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If there is one room in the home that is meant to provide respite at the end of a long day, it s the bedroom. The key to keeping this personal oasis inviting is to organise it well. A wardrobe is the most important storage space in any bedroom. In today s cramped homes, it s rather important to get the wardrobe design right with absolutely no room for wastage. A few tips will get you started in the right direction for the perfect bedroom wardrobe design.

Get the measurement right:

Measure accurately the width, depth and height of the space that is being converted for your wardrobe, including those of individual shelves. Know the general dimensions of all your folded clothing items beforehand. You don t want your folded jeans jutting out of the rack or realize that the blouse rack has more than its share of space. Plan storage options for future needs too, such as a family member coming to stay or a baby on the way.

Organisers: shelves and drawers

Shelves are probably the most versatile components in a closet system. They accommodate items in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and provide easy access to the stored items. And if you use an adjustable system of tracks and brackets, you can easily position them at various levels as per your needs.

For open shelves, choose low depths of about 18 deep that are ideal for stacking clothes. This would ensure that the entire shelf is accessible and nothing gets lost at the back. On the other hand, if you have deep shelves then consider installing pull-out shelves or drawers for easy reach. Drawers work well for small items that don t stack well: lingerie, hand towels. ties, and so on. To keep your shirts and trousers organised, install hanging rods. Use hooks and baskets for extra needs.

Wardrobe doors

Folding wardrobe doors or sliding wardrobe doors? The location of your closet and the amount of space you have in the room will determine the best type of door for your closet. Folding doors give easy access to the contents inside, the back of the door doubling up as an additional storage space. However, the doors need more space to swing open outwards. The alternate option is the sliding door, perfect for small bedrooms; however, this permits access to only one side of your closet at a time. Sliding doors come in a variety of styles and finishes, from frosted and translucent glass to mirrored glass, and give a contemporary look to the decor.

Design and style

Choose from an extensive range of materials and colours to suit your style and budget. While solid wood is expensive the veneer options provides limitless choice in texture, colour and style.

Urban Ladder Wardrobes

From ideation to creation, we at UL help you at every stage of your wardrobe design. We offer over 1000 wardrobe configurations, a wide array of door finishes and colour options, and only the best in terms of material quality. Book a consultation with our wardrobe experts – they will visit you at a time convenient to you, understand your space and wardrobe requirements, help you choose the configurations that best suit your taste and space, show you mocks of the design on our App, and give you an instant price quote on the spot. Honestly, getting personalised wardrobes made has never been easier!

A wardrobe is an investment you don t make every day. The buying of one requires more thought than most other furniture pieces, since it s not easy to move around. It also needs to be customised more than any other furniture. We have solved the dilemma of online wardrobe shopping for you.

Urban Ladder brings you the unique service of wardrobe consultation for your bedroom wardrobes. You can call us home and we will take the measurements of your rooms so that you can have the wardrobe, which fits your room perfectly. Buying designer wardrobes online has never been this personalised! We have also developed the unique Urban Storage app for you. Just configure the various wardrobe design and style possibilities on your phone or tablet in the comfort of your home. Customer comfort and satisfaction is paramount for us and this furniture app is a step in that direction.

The mirrored wardrobes or sliding wardrobes are marvellous option for your master bedroom or kids bedroom which are available in walnut finish or Ross or Bonneville finish and many more to select from. The Ross and Bonneville are high gloss options for the daring and bold and also for kids room. These are the best contemporary wardrobe designs you find anywhere online. You can also choose from the textured finish and contemporary handles which make the bedroom wardrobes an ideal designer pieces. The wardrobe and almirah models are customisable to your specifications so that you never need to compromise either with space or with style. The designs are available in dimension variations of 2, 3 or 4 feet. At Urban Ladder we like to provide as many options as possible, so you can choose the perfect wardrobe. These beautiful wardrobes are available online in different sets and layouts. Each one of these configurations is also available in variations of mirrored shutters or sliding doors so that you can choose how many double doors and single doors in the wardrobe are perfect for your new bedroom!

Does the thought of a huge wall-to-wall wardrobe with unlimited space seem exciting but the endless hours carpenters take to install seem daunting? Urban Ladder can install a three-door wardrobe in under three hours! Don t believe us? Watch the real-time video on our website. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call soon so we can install your dream wardrobe, hassle-free. A comprehensive list of questions and pricing options are available on the website so that you can think over and consider all options available to you before finalising on the perfect one.

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