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Childrens bedroom lamps

  • Light Solutions uniquely placed to source hard to find designs, and offer a huge range of lights and associated components. In partnership with European and American companies. If you can’t find it. there is a very good chance we can, send us a photo or drawing!

  • Can manufacture specific designs, bespoke lighting solutions. Ideal for furniture makers lighting designers.

  • We can manufacture specific designs and bespoke lighting solutions in partnership with our quality European manufacturers. Using LED lighting profiles, top quality LED tape and custom switching and dimming solutions.

    television set design. Wide choice available including S14s S14d lampholders.

  • We basically offer ‘light solutions’ to the trade. For furniture, display or decorative.
  • Why Choose Us?

    Childrens bedroom lamps Massive range of LED tape with over 35 types to choose from, with associated LED lighting profiles.

    Childrens bedroom lampsForefront of the latest LED technology, including furniture and display LED lights.

    Childrens bedroom lamps Reputable in Europe and America, with a massive range of lights and associated lighting components.

    Childrens bedroom lamps Excellent reputation for excellent quality and quick deliveries.

    Childrens bedroom lamps Nearly 25 years in the business serving the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and furniture industry.

    Childrens bedroom lamps

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